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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tired tonight- not much to say

I'm still working on the Open Letter to College Students post that I promised last week. Its nearly finished- I think, and I've got numerous links to fit in the right places before its ready for prime time. So continue to bear with me. If you've read the draft that I sent out to a few last week, I appreciate your feedback and if you have some additional points on the subject that I've overlooked, please feel free to share them with me.

I got to spend a few hours in the shop today for the first time in a couple weeks and that was pretty nice. Most of the roof leaks have slowed down and I carried several gallons of water in buckets and bags out of the shop. I also got things cleaned up a bit, carried out empty coffe cans that were piling up and generally got things put away that had been cluttering up the place.

I also took just about all the plastic off Sleek Black Beauty this afternoon. All I really wanted to do was remove the gas fill flap so that I can paint it and put one of my remaining pinstrip decals on the flap. Getting that flap off meant taking off all the plastic on the sides and the front end! The things I won't do for a little custome look! Now I just need some gloss black paint before I can put it all back together.

So tonight I'm just resting, gearing up for another week on the job. And petting both my cats that are both asleep on my lap!

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